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1 Camera Body

1 PL or EF Mount

1 LW Base Plate, Top Plate, Handle

2 Internal Batteries & Dual Charger

---if applicable

1 Camera Power Supply

2 Media Cards

1 Card Reader

1 Dovetail Clamp

1 7" Locking Dovetail

1 100mm Head & Tripod

1 Light Weight Follow Focus

1 100mm High Hat

1 Clip-on or LW Matte Box

1 Schneider FSND.3 .6

1 Polarizer

1 Hand Grip

1 Set Spider Grips

1 Shoulder Pad

includes EXPRESS package

Add Gold Mount Battery Plate

Add 2 Gold Mount Batteries & Charger

Add 1 Media Card

Add 1:1 Wireless Video

Add Onboard Monitor

Add 17"Sony Old Monitor

Upgrade to Arri Follow Focus (FF4/FF5)

includes PLUS package

Add 2 Gold Mount Batteries

Add 1 Media Cards

Add (1) 7" Monitor and Handheld Monitor Rig

Add Additional Wireless Receiver

Add Set (3) Diffusion Filters

---Choice of Radiant Soft, Hollywood Black Magic, Classic Soft, or Glimmer Glass

Add Wireless Follow Focus

Upgrade Support:

Studio Fluid Head (Mitchell Mount)

RB HD Standard & Baby Sticks

High Hat

Studio Base Plate