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CFG Labs

CFG has developed a number of unique tools to make the crew's life easier on set. Most being born out of necessity and customer requests and input, with a few items created to help us save time and energy on the logistics side. This specialty film production gear helps us make your jobs better! Cheers!

Our First Innovation

The Original CFG LED Propar

Born out of necessity and long before battery operated led products were widely available

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We build a select number of cable assemblies in house to ensure prompt availability and reliability.

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Cable Mfg.

Time Saver

The Porta Jib Weight Cart

Tired of slinging loose weights, our warehouse team developed this handy cart to move and account for jib weights

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Porta jib weight cart.



Shoulder Pad

A much needed improvement to a scrap of duv on your shoulder

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dis shoulder pad
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