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lighting rentals film production equipment

5 Ton Truck

Let’s open an account!

Please gather the following


  • Certificate of Insurance Sample

  • Photo of credit card front 

  • Photo of credit card rear 

  • Photo of driver license 

Once you have these items ready, click the link below to begin filling out our Docusign package.

This process should take about 5 minutes. 

Do not begin if you don't have all items available.

Need something else?

Hit up our accounts team!








Delivery & Pickup

CFG will deliver anything, anywhere. Period. We'll only turn you down on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We can drop off and pick up your rental package, tow generator, fully loaded vehicles, or supplemental equipment like truss and motors or anything that didn't fit! 

free parking

Free Secure Parking

CFG offers free secure parking at our yard in Pacoima. It's usually available, but we won't assign it to you unless your driver requests it. Sometimes when we get busy, we run out, but check with your rental agent to book ahead!

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