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50% Discount

For Students

Single day and weekend discounts up to 67% off list! We went to film school too, and we can help you squeeze unsurpassed value from every dollar you spend with us. Our goal is to provide a smooth equipment rental experience rather than nickel and diming you around every corner. We’ll work with your schedule, your crew, your equipment needs, and we’ll provide you with the best and coolest stuff you can get. Most of all, we will work with your budget. Just because we stock the best equipment and top quality transportation doesn’t mean you’ll pay an outrageous premium for it.

Certain specialty items do not qualify. Discounted items are subject to availability.

Student Secret Menu

Rent a 2 Ton Grip Package inside our 3 Ton Truck for maximum cost savings and floor space for your camera dolly and school-provided equipment


Add camera and production supplies for an additional 10% discount

Send us a competing quote and we'll match the gear and discount it 5% more


If you rent everything you need from CFG, you will achieve the highest discount level!

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