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Student Program


50% Discount

For Students

Single day and weekend discounts up to 75%

We went to film school too, and we will help you squeeze unsurpassed value from every dollar you spend with us.


We’ll provide you with the newest and coolest stuff you can get. Most of all, we will work with your budget. Just because we stock the best equipment and top quality transportation doesn’t mean you’ll pay an outrageous premium for it.

Grip packages and specialty items do not qualify. Discounted items are subject to availability.

Secret Menu for Students

  • Rent a 2 Ton Grip Package inside our 3 Ton Truck for maximum cost savings and floor space for your camera dolly and school gear

  • Add camera and production supplies for an additional 10% discount

  • Send us a competing quote and we'll match the gear and discount it 5% more

  • If you rent everything you need from CFG, you will unlock the highest discount level!



Book a class tour and hands-on equipment demonstration at our facility. We'll teach you about the latest cameras, lighting, and grip gear. Don't have time? We'll come to you!

Want something narrowly focused for your class? Reach out and we'll help you plan something!

Questions Answered

  • Is your price catalog online?
    Our pricing is the same as our competition, but we give our biggest discounts to students. We typically discount between 50% and 67% and we always try to fit your needs into your budget. Just because you see pricing online doesn’t mean it is the lowest! You have nothing to lose by asking us to meet your budget!
  • Do you offer delivery and pickup?
    Yes, for a fee, CFG will deliver or pick up equipment 24/7/365.
  • Do you have truck parking?
    Yes! Rent a truck from us and get 24-hour access to our yard with overnight security guard. Parking is always subject to availability.
  • Am I required to have a CFG employee or crew member go with your vehicles?
    Nope, never. We can recommend some awesome people if you need them, though.
  • I have a quote that I'd like you to match.
    We will beat any quote sent to us and we'll provide newer gear and a cohesive service.
  • Can you pre-load our truck?
    We always recommend you prep your gear. But yes, we’ll go through the equipment, cart it, load it and strap it at no additional charge. Please let us know beforehand so we have time.
  • Can I rent without insurance?
    No, sorry.
  • What are your hours?
    We are open on weekdays from 8am until 5pm. Equipment is typically picked up between 1 and 4pm. If you stay past 5pm, you may incur an after-hours fee.

Internship Program

  • Fall, Spring, & Summer schedules are available

  • Work in our QC, Repair, & Fulfillment departments

  • Flexible pay and hours seamlessly integrate with your class schedule

  • We will work with your school to attain proper credits

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