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cfg trucks lined up: 5 ton 3 ton stake bed generator

Rentals Redefined

Lighting, Grip, Camera, Production Supplies & Transpo

We're changing the way you do rentals.

Why CFG?

We're experts in logistics and volume.

We're on time and on budget, every single time.

CFG Who?

CFG Started in a garage with a desire to help filmmakers and college students rent lighting, grip, and cameras for friendly rates. Our success swiftly enabled us to move to a storage unit. Then another, and then one more before we moved in to our first warehouse in 2014. We found our calling with pre-loaded grip truck and lighting packages, and moved to our current location in 2016. We currently occupy approximately 50,000 square feet of building and yard space in Pacoima. We maintain the resources to provide you service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a professional perspective at all times. 

In November of 2022 we acquired Digital Film Studios and rebranded it to CFG Camera Services, allowing us to fully integrate into the cinematography spectrum, a place and scale nobody has gone before! 

Spend your money with small businesses–we are capable of competing at any level. When you spend locally, you enable our employees to take home a fair salary, benefits, and co-exist in an easy-going, fun work environment.

Meet our fabulous team!

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